A business organization is seen as a tool whose purpose and function is to integrate specialised knowledge into a common task, and put knowledge to work in pursuit of economic performance, without which it cannot discharge any other responsibilities (Drucker, 1992: 99)


Bateleur Business Consultants.

OwlStrategic decision-making and leadership are concepts that require the integration of many levels of thinking. Strategic decision-making is about the particular organization, in the context of many other organizations, and in the context of a number of very important systemic and distinct dynamics of modern society, i.e. politics, economy, law science and technology, health, etc.

In addition to those interactions, strategic decision-making and leadership is also about individuals who act within those systems and organizations The levels of analysis required are multiple and the differences and the interactions can be seen as conceptual harlequin balls that all have to be kept in the air and moving for significant insights to emerge.

Natural patternsOrganizational structures, both internal and external to the organization, have to be adapted to cope with the degree of change in the environment. The co-evolution of the system, its actors and its environment is "characterized in terms of their growth in complexity". Complexity in current decision-making has also increased, owing to the multiplicity of factors (captured by the number of variables (Boisot, 2006: 242)) which can be used to give meaning to behaviors, depending on the selected perspective (e.g. political, organizational norms and the individual within).

Bateleur Business Consultants will support you in your endeavours when dealing with complexity surrounding your organization by facilitating interactive sessions that synthesize key factors supporting your growth, analysis of assumptions, facts and information to support these in order to develop credible scenarios and select coherent strategies. Fundamental to change in behavior are the current and desire cultures within your organization.

Polar oppositesAt Bateleur Business Consultants we are able to develop and support measurement of Cultural Transformation through Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT & Barrett) that anchor your change management efforts. Our third service area provides assessment of your readiness and capacity to innovate. Based on diagnostic's we would jointly, with your accountable executives, design processes, platforms, portfolio approaches and cultural aspects that will provide impetus for change in this area. Where appropriate, we will provide support to your designated teams in developing change management strategies across these three areas and augment your internal capacity to create focus on delivery.

Change will not decrease, but is likely to increase owing to our inherently interconnected world. Business Transformation not only requires choices on what you focus on, but also on what you stop doing. Your choice of Bateleur Business Consultants as your business partner in Strategy formation, Innovation and Culture will, as a basis for focused change management effort, provide clarity and structure towards your desired future.


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